TikoMed is a privately held company, founded in Sweden in 2002 . From 2006-2013, the company attracted several new professional members to board and management  with high-profile industry background and experience


The company has a diversified drug portfolio within the field of pharmaceutical regenerative medicine. The portfolio contains three main products. One product is in Phase 2 clinical development, the second is in Phase 1 and a The third has already obtained positive preclinical data.


TikoMeds business concept is to develop a drug portfolio up to a “Proof of Concept” stage in preclinical and up to early clinical studies. TikoMed will then use its board and management network and expertise to make value-generating deals with established Big Pharma players who will bring products to the patients.


TikoMed is characterised by taking an alternative approach to pharma development by identifying  key untapped opportunities, and target projects toward these indications.