Anders Kristensson – CEO

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TikoMed is currently pursuing an out-licensing strategy based on the “Proof of Concept” data that has been achieved in animal models or patients. TikoMed has also built an international network with collaborative partners both academic and industrial.

TikoMed is seeking development collaborations and partners for:

ILB – Is developed for post-acute stroke

  • Strong PoC animal data has been established.
  • Phase 1 data is documented.
  • The product is a chemical entity.
  • Post Acute stroke is the first indication.

IBsolvMIR® – a platform to improve the outcome in regenerative stemcell therapy

  • The platform has the potential to improve the viability of cells prior to transplantation – improving the quality of the therapy given.
  • The drug can alleviate the attacks from the innate immune system by preventing IBMIR – Increased number of surviving cells will be beneficial for outcome.
  • IBsolvMIR® improves cell entrapment in the lung – More cells will reach the intended therapeutic destination.
  • Finally the platform will help cells en-graft faster – Enabling effective therapies and faster patient recovery.
  • TikoMed is presently initiating collaborations and studies regarding the platforms capability to improve outcome in cell-therapies. Parts of the platform is already in clinical Phase 2 studies.