Publications and IP

We are constantly learning about the potential of IBsolvMIR and want to share our discoveries with you. Download our latest publications to keep up to date with the results of our ongoing studies.

IP Comprehensive product protection

We understand the importance of protecting our development products and IBsolvMIR is covered by a composition of matter and multiple specific-use patents. Its orphan drug designations ensure protocol assistance from the EMA and FDA during development, lower regulatory fees, and extended protection against direct competition.



Approved countries

Treatment of IBMIR
Approved countries:
Prevent pulmonary uptake of injected cells
Approved countries:
Induce cell mobilization
Approved countries:
New dextran sulfate
Approved countries:
Induce angiogenesis
Approved countries:
Treatment of fibrosis
Approved countries:

Orphan drug designations

  • Islet transplantation
  • Hematopoetic stem cell transplantation