Company Information

TikoMed AB (556622-8960) is a Swedish private Company, with it’s seat in the county of Höganäs and is governed by the Laws of the Kingdom of Sweden. It was formed in accordance with the Swedish Company Act in 2002.


Information Policy:


TikoMed AB is committed to keep investors informed about our progess while respecting the neccessity of confidentiality towards business partners and our internal development of patents.


  • Information is presented at the annual meeting and in quarterly newsletters sent directly to our shareholders.
  • Our homepage will also be continously updated as information regarding projects can be realeased to the public.
  • TikoMed AB uses “Nordiska Värdepappers Registret” for shareholders registry.


Board and CEO – A blend of entreprenurship, industrialism and business innovation


Anders Kristensson - CEO

Anders has a more than 17 years experience in the pharmaceutical sector. He has a long managerial both in domestic and international companies. His latest job was as responsible for Lilly in the Nordic countries including Balticum.

Stefan Sallerfors

Chairman of TikoMed, Stefan is a Medical Doctor with a wide range of experience both from medical practice and from management positions within the healthcare sector.
He also was also CEO of GE Medical Systems and Research Director for the insurance company Lansförsäkringar. Presently Stefan is working as an advisor within the public sector and also holds several board positions, among others as Chairman for Folktandvården Skane, BoardMember in ATS Finans including various appointments within the KAAB's group.

Ulf Brasen

Vice Chairman and a board member since 2013. He is a former CEO of Tetra Pak in the United Kingdom and used to operate as a member of the British Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD). He is presently active on boards outside of Sweden.

Anders Svensson

Anders Svensson, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Gothenburg
Anders has 13-plus years in senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry (Vice President at Astra Zeneca, Global Head at Roche). Anders has developed and implemented portfolio strategies, research programs and clinical studies. In his career Anders has had had frequent interactions with regulatory authorites, including FDA and EMA, and developed a global network of experts and opinion leaders.

Lars Bruce

Board Member since 2002, is an entrepreneur and inventor with a experience in managing projects from concept to commercialization. He has experience from several successful development projectswithin metallurgy, mechanics and medicine. He is an active inventor within TikoMed and contributes with new products for which he leads the development in collaboration with the research organization.

Ulf Björklund

Ulf Björklund has more than 30 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry, which ranges from research to marketing. Prior engagements include CEO of Aprea (oncology) and CEO of OxyPharma (autoimmune diseases). Before that he held several managerial positions within Pharmacia. Ulf has experienced in managing partner collaborations, financing and dealing with regulatory authorities in Europe and US.
Ulf currently holds boardpositions in WntResearch AB and Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB. He also serves as Chairman of Lipum AB.

Jan N. Sandström

Board Member since 2005, M.Sc. Pharm. Contributes his experience from Astra/ AstraZeneca, where he worked with commercialization and global marketing, business development, among other things. Jan is a member of the boards of several Nordic biotechnology companies. Jan has also been a board member of the Swedish Shareholders’ Association for 12 years.

Adam Bruce

Executive Board Member IBsolvMIR(r) for Regenerative Medicine, The founder of TikoMed, Board member since 2002, CEO between 2002 and 2008, Chairman 2009-2013, Head of Business Development 2013-2017 and CEO 2017-2018.

General Meeting

In accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, the General Meeting is the Company’s supreme decision-making body. At the General Meeting, shareholders may exercise their voting rights in key issues, for example the adoption of profit and loss statements and balance sheets, the allocation of the Company’s profit, the granting of discharge from liability to the Board of Directors and CEO, the election of members of the Board of Directors and auditors, and fees to the Board of Directors and auditors.


In addition to the Annual General Meeting, an extraordinary General Meeting may be convened. In accordance with the articles of association, notice of the Annual General Meeting or extraordinary General Meeting is published in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar and Svenska Dagbladet.


Right to attend General Meeting

All shareholders directly registered in the share register held by Nordiska Värdepappers Registret (NVR) five (5) working days before the General Meeting and who have notified  the Company of their intention to attend the General Meeting (with assistants, where appropriate) by the date and time specified in the notice convening the General Meeting will be entitled to attend the General Meeting and vote according to the number of shares they possess.


Shareholders may attend the General Meeting in person or by proxy, and may also be assisted by a maximum of two (2) persons. Shareholders may normally register for the General Meeting in a variety of ways; these are indicated in the notice convening the meeting.


Initiatives from shareholders

Shareholders who wish to have an issue dealt with at the General Meeting must submit a written request for this to the Board of Directors. The request must normally have been received by the Board of Directors no later than seven (7) weeks prior to the General Meeting.